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Hollywood High School bs tail Bulard skate
MACBA skateboarding Spain Bulard
Bulard smashes anything from Hollywood High's 16-stair, the road gap at MACBA in Spain (above) or this front-side smith

wallride skateboarding
Getting midieval with a gap to wallride

Where are you originally from?
I was born in Mont-Saint-Aignan. It’s in Haute-Normandie in France. What else are you into besides skateboarding? I try to do things like running and exercise when I’m not skating to keep fit and get more power for when I skate, so I can skate for as long as possible.

Manny Santiago skateboardingYou skate a lot of contests. What do you like the most about them?
Yes, I do contests so I can spend a good weekend with my friends and meet new people. Also, I like to skate new parks and try to get some money when I skate good in a contest! I really like to skate the best trick contests too. I see the spot and think, “Ah, I can do this trick!” When I do it, it’s a personal satisfaction. And it feels good when people like it too. Sometimes they tell me, “Ah, that was a crazy trick!” and it makes me happy to hear this.

What is your favorite video part and what part of yours are you most proud of?
I like a lot of video parts; one of the best and one I have in my mind right now is Koston in Yeah Right, and Paul Rodriguez too. My first video was a Habitat video. I remember seeing it and liking the music and type of video it was. I’m also proud of my last two parts and the video we did on tour. Every time we go somewhere, I’m always skating hard for it. Every time.

Ok, let’s talk about the trick everyone is talking about—that backside tailslide on El Toro. How did that trick come up?
The back tail on El Toro… I’m so happy to have done that. Hopefully, people from the States will know me a little bit more now. I can’t wait for people to see my next part. The back tail was a hard battle. I took some slams, but I was so determined to do it. I finally got it and I was so happy to do it and that I didn’t have to try it again. I want to do more tricks on it for my next part. We’ll see next time I go there. I did the back tail with a friend’s board because I broke my board on one of the tries. I didn’t want to go to the car and be cold—I was just focused to do it. When I did it, I said in my head, “I don’t have to do it anymore,” with relief because I was scared every try. I went for it and overcame my fear and I’m so happy for it.

The day after that back tail you went to Nyjah’s new video part premiere, and everybody was already asking you about it, right?
Yeah, I was at Nyjah’s premiere and it was a crazy night and party. I really wanted to see his new part when I was there, all the crazy tricks he did. Yes, I remember David Loy telling me, “It’s you—you did the back tail on El Toro!” Felipe Gustavo told me I’m a legend [laughs]. I was happy that finally some skaters started to know of me more. I hope people like my next part because I really worked hard on it and tried to put it out with the music I like it and tricks I want. It’s a lot of tricks I wanted to do, and if I run out of time to get them all, I’ll do them in my next part [laughs.] Full interview at Transworld Skateboarding

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