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 Titan Cofounder Danny Way
Ke'chaud Johnson - Best Skate Tool Team Ke'chaud Johnson brings the horsepower at the impressive height of 6-foot 3-inches, throwing any notions of tall equals skinny right out of the window. Like a matador, he opens a can of whoop-ass on any trick he wants with grace.

When we were recently at the Mystic Cup in Prague, he won that hands down. When we went to Simple Session last time, he took 2nd among a huge field of international pros on a gigantic course not for the timid.

He has pro models out on Darkstar and rides for Axion Footwear, too, just to name a few. In addition to that, he's one of the most approachable pros you'll ever meet. Just ask the local kids at his hometown parks in Texas, where everything is big. Ke'chaud has the current cover on the TITAN standard skate tool as we spread the love among the team. Follow him on Instagram: @kechaud



Ke-chaud Johnson Best Tool Trick
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