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J.P. is a regular at iconic comps like the Red Bull Rippers series in Marseille, Mystic Cup, Mistral Cup and more.

French skate championships
Jean with a 3rd Place podium finish at the Championships of France with fellow bowl shredder Vincent Matheron

huge frontside skate air
backside air skateboarding
Below Jean blasts at the Mystic Sk8 Cup where he took 6th at the Mens Bowl Finals in Prague, Czech Republic:

boneless skate Mystic Cup
skateboarding backside air PantaleoRed Bull Rippers Pantaleo

In 2017 Pantaleo took 7th at the Red Bull Rippers Finals in Marseille, France

TITAN Skateboard Tools also sponsors up and coming amateur riders and is actively looking to add one or two top female pro riders to the team.

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