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Every so often, a great idea comes along that visionary pros can see has the chance to make a long-term contribution to skateboarding. For example, the first real skate trucks and polyeurethane wheels. For decades the general designs of these have remained fairly consistent...An axle through a hanger that sits in a pivot cup with a kingpin running up through bushings and a timeless wheel material with a core for two bearings.

The team at TITAN Skateboard Tools sees the potential for its patent-pending tool design to have similar staying power, which the majority of skaters could be carrying on their keychains in 2030, 2040 and beyond.

Maybe it's because every skater usually is going to head out for a session already carrying their house keys or car keys. Maybe it's because slamming on a T-tool in a pocket is always gonna' leave a mark. In any case, 7 or 8 tools in the size and shape of two house-keys that can set up a complete is an idea who's time has come. We hear it every time someone sees them.


The first time pro skaters saw our 'skate keys' was at the Vans Legends contest at the famous Combi Pool. Our friend Steve Steadham from the infamous Bones Brigade (Hawk, Guererro, McGill, Cab, Mountain, etc.) was competing and over the next 2 days he sent photos of legends holding our keychain skate tools stoked on the design including Hosoi, Mountain, McGill, Staab, Dave Duncan, Magnusson and others.

Soon after, Tony Magnusson of H-Street and OSIRIS came on as a stake-holder. Then the legendary Danny Way and Bucky Lasek. We released our first of many pro-signature series tools to come, put out someThrasher ads, and the momentum continues to build. We have a killer team including former national champs like Bulard (JART), Hinson (Darkstar), Ke'Chaud (Darkstar), and Prozorov (Plan B). Some of our visionary retail and distribution partners can be seen below and the list is growing. Retailers or distributors wanting to carry our tools and pros wanting to collaborate on a signature skate tool can hit us up at sales@titanskateboardtools.com.

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