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Prozorov Plan B TITAN skate tools

Check out Tim's pro page including his kick-ass videos *13 and An End Has a Start featured by Thrasher Magazine.

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PLAN B, DC Shoes, SIlver Trucks, DAKINE, and TITAN Skateboard Tools

Skateboard Tool Pro Magnusson

Tony Magnusson is still going strong after founding H-Street Skateboards and co-founding EVOL Snowboards. Check out his bio, videos and pics soon on our site.

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H-Street, TITAN Skateboard Tools

Steadham TITAN Pro Rider

Steve's Powell "Ace" board was their #1 seller even as Tony Hawk's teammate. If he's not ripping the VANS Combi Legends contest he's at his Las Vegas skate shop "STEDMZ". More details soon!

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STEDMZ, TITAN Skateboard Tools

Pantaleo Shreds TITAN Skateboard Tools
Jean Pantaleo hails from Marseille ripping with friends Aurelien Giraud, Vincent Milou and Vincent Matheron. Watch him shred Mystic Cup, Red Bull Rippers and more here.

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Jart, Supra, Xoxo Skateshop, Haze Wheels and TITAN Skateboard Tools

Ruby Shreds TITAN Skateboard Tools
Ruby and her family moved out to SoCal on the ultimate adventure, and at 13 years old, she's a regular at several local parks. Check out her 'welcome to the team' video here.

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H-Street, TITAN Skate Tools, 187 Killer Pads, SoCal Skateshop, Rockstar Bearings, Tomo Grip, Clayer USA, VANS (flow)

TITAN Skateboard Tools are always on the lookout for top male or female pros and ams to join the team. Contact sales@titanskateboardtools.com for info.