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 Titan Cofounder Danny Way
Danny Way TITAN Pro Skate Team Bucky Lasek joined TITAN as a stakeholder helping the company release its first Pro Legends-Series along with Danny Way and Tony Magnusson. The Baltimore native began skating at age 12 after his bike was stolen.

Bucky's career spans decades and includes several contest gold and silver medals.

Bucky made his video debut in the famed Powell Peralta video, Public Domain as part of the infamous Bones Brigade. In the '90s Lasek's career got a boost from the X Games where he won 14 medals including eleven gold, and is the only skater ever to win four X Games medals in a row.

TITAN's founder met Bucky for the first time at Elliot Sloan's backyard mega-ramp in Vista, CA and saw him continuing to push all boundaries; still inventing tricks and their switch variations. Bucky also races rally cars for team Subarau and has won several podium finishes throughout the years. Danny Way Skate Tool Packaging Small

He innovates in racing like he does in skateboarding and his Pro Legends-Series skate tool bears the same LASEK logo which can be seen on several of his racing mods for his rally car. Bucky defies the limits and TITAN are stoked to have him on board with one of our first ever pro skate keys..



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